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About this website



Text is set in Crimson Pro with Montserrat as a secondary typeface, both served locally in woff2 format. CSS is used to apply common ligatures, turn on kerning features, adjust antialiasing, optimize legibility, and improve underlining.


A single CSS file controls screen and print styles and applies an optional dark mode based on the reader’s device display settings. PHP includes are used for headers and footers with a variable for the title tag. Rewrite is used in the .htaccess file to drop the suffix from HTML files for cleaner URLs.


This site is served from in a datacenter somewhere in NYC, for about a penny a day. Let’s Encrypt is used for the SSL certificate.

Old School

No cookies, analytics, ads, mailing list signups, or trackers of any kind have been added to this website. In addition, this site does not use any frameworks, content management system, themes, javascript, or images, enabling an initial page weight of only 160KB, with additional pages usually less than 20KB.