Stories & Novels

Short Story25 min

The Primitives

In search of The Cave Man. First appeared in Passages North.

Short Story20 min

Sweet Toes

Murder and mistaken motherhood.

Short Story20 min

King’s Corner

Robot lawnmowers and akvavit.

Short Story20 min


Transporting Corvettes to Estonia.

Short Story30 min

Promises Of The Head To The Heart

Car theft and castle-squatting.

Novella1 hour

Second Summer

NY to Norway in the 1970s.

Novella1 hour

Paul and Pauline

Searching for Ms. Rosenschatz.

Short Story15 min

Moon Rock

Postcards from Lone Pine. First appeared in Fugue.

Short Story40 min


Buster Keaton’s ghost. First appeared in Confrontation.

Short Story30 min

Facts About Blakey

Finding love after hitting bottom. First appeared in The Southern Review.

Novel6 hours

The Path Of All That Falls

Chopin’s ghost, Vikings, Paris.

Short Story20 min


Orchids and motherhood in Pioneertown. First appeared in Water~Stone Review.

Essay10 min

Big Appetites in Big Sur

Motel sex and its meaning. First appeared in Salon.

Novel4 hours

Streams At Night

Piano tuning, earthquakes, cruiseship love.

Short Story15 min

In With The Masters

The complications of art theft. First appeared in Chiron Review.

Short Story15 min

With A Gentleness More And More Caressing And Poisoned

A concert, in three parts. First appeared in North Atlantic Review.

Short Story20 min

Kidnapping Picasso

Road trip or kidnapping? First appeared in Jitters.

Short Story15 min


Talking bears. Enough said. First appeared in Ascent.

For other writers30 min

BBEdit for Writers

A guide and appreciation.